Harmonica Info

harmonica necklaceThank you for visiting Village Square, the maker of the best looking (and selling) harmonica necklace in the world.

Our harmonica necklaces are popular wherever they go. This past year they have been on a New England whaling ship, in a New Orleans Blues Festival, at a cultural event in Japan, and ON TOP a Rocky Mountain Ski Slope. They have also appeared at a minor league baseball game, a square dance, a classical music performance, a restoration village, and a science museum. We could go on, but you get the idea.

Our harmonicas, made by Hohner, are about an inch long. Big enough to have 4 holes, so they play 8 notes. They are mounted on a 30" waxed cotton cord (it looks like leather). Children love to wear them as bright jewelry. So do adults (just children at heart anyway). The cord is decorated with assorted bright colored beads.

We individually pack each harmonica necklace in its own zip bag, and put a header card on it, teaching how to play a simple song. Guess where they learned to play "Take me out to the Ball Game". Okay, that was easy, how about "Blue Danube Waltz"? "Blow the Man Down"? "Yankee Doodle"? "St. Louis Blues"?

On the front of the header card we put YOUR COMPANY NAME, YOUR EVENT and/or YOUR LOGO. Whatever you want.

That's it. Please check out some of our idea pages, or come up with one of your own. Then please contact us with any questions.